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2015 Summer Racing Camp

Tufts Boathouse

Malden/Mystic Rivers

Participation in 2015 is open to 12 female athletes who will compete as U23 scullers. We will improve your technique, fitness and competition skills. One of our goals is to provide the kind of rewarding learning experience that encourages our scullers to compete for Boston Sculling throughout the year or at least to return on a year-over-year basis. Since we race after only a few weeks of getting together, we concentrate on honing your training, not building a basic training program. This is a competition cycle, so the focus is on achieving rate, speed and above all, rhythm.


Finals and better for all crews at Trials, Club Nationals and Canadian Henley.


Fees: $350 for the use of equipment and all regatta fees.

Camp Dates:

Start as early in May as you can. In 2011 we had a lightweight quad that formed in early June and went on to compete at U23 Trials.


All scullers should plan to compete at Canadian Henley. Other competition will be entered as appropriate.

Erg scores are NOT required but our faster junior scullers have been in the 7:20 - 7:40 range for 2K, with lightweights just slightly slower. The U23 Quad that won Henley Gold in 2011 averaged 7:15. Sculling is a power sport and more power normally leads to more medals. The U23 Quad from 2014 that won Intermediate Club Nationals averaged around 7:25. They were also 4th at Canadian Henley.

Swim Test/Physical:

All rowers must demonstrate the ability to swim 100 yards and tread water for 10 minutes before attending the camp. You must also submit a copy of a recent physical (past year) which gives clearance for strenuous physical activity.

Daily Schedule

Rowing Monday through Friday, with weekends as requested. Normal hours will be early morning and/or evening for women with jobs in the middle of the day. If you need to know more details before we post those hours, please contact us. All hours can be tailored to each sculler as needed.

Events and Travel:

We will select our regatta dates from among the following as appropriate:
21 - 24 June: U23 Trials, West Windsor, NJ
15 - 19 July: US Rowing Club National Championships, Bethel, OH
22 - 26 July: U23 Worlds, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
4 - 9 August: Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, St. Catharines, ONT


Scullers will row in singles and doubles most of the time. We will compete in the small boats as well as the quad where competition is available.

You are encouraged to bring your own boat and oars if you have them.

Our fleet includes late model Hudson and Sykes hulls in all boat classes, across a range of crew weights. We have enough sets of Croker blades for each sculler to have her own set for the summer.

We also provide Specialized road bikes for cross training in sizes to fit all individuals.


Boston Rowing Center in the 1990's was a high-performance training ground for many [pre-] elite scullers. In 2007 Boston Rowing Club launched a Junior Women's sculling summer camp, rowing from Winsor/Belmont Hill. After a few years many of the Juniors aged out and in 2011 BRC competed in the U23 category at Canadian Henley. Both Juniors and U23s have had results proportionate to their skill and preparation, winning medals and championships at US Club Nationals and in Canada. The name change to Boston Sculling reflects that focus.