2011 – U23 Women Quad
2009 – Junior Women Quad


Finals and better for all crews at Club Nationals and Canadian Henley.

2014 Results

St. Catharines
U23 4x (Finals: tied 4th)
Oak Ridge
Intermediate 4x (GOLD)

2013 Results (as Boston Rowing Club, also below)

St. Catharines
No partcipation
Cooper River
Intermediate 1x (Finals:4th)
Senior 2x (SILVER)

2011 Results

St. Catharines
Senior 1x Dash (Finals:4th)
U19 2x (Finals:5th + one semifinalist)
U19 4x (Finals:3rd + one semifinalist)
U23 2x (Finals:5th + two semifinalists)
U23 Ltwt 1x (one semifinalist)
U23 4x (GOLD)
U23 1x (one semifinalist)
Dash-for-Cash (7th)

Intermediate 2x (BRONZE)
Intermediate 4x (GOLD)
Intermediate Ltwt 1x (Finals:4th)
Intermediate Ltwt 4x (BRONZE)
Junior 1x (SILVER + four semifinalists)
Junior 2x (SILVER, BRONZE, Finals:6th)
Junior 4x (Finals:4th + one semifinalist)
JrB 1x (two semifinalists)
JrB 4x (Finals:4th)

2010 Results

St. Catharines
Junior 4x (Finals:6th + one semifinalist)
Junior 2x (Finals:4th + two semifinalists)
Junior 1x (Finals:5th)
U17 4x (Finals:6th)
U23 2x (Finals:4th)
Senior 1x Dash (Finals:7th)
Dash-for-Cash (1st)

Oak Ridge
Junior 1x (BRONZE)
Junior 2x (GOLD, SILVER, 6th)
Junior 4x (GOLD, BRONZE)
JrB 1x (Finals:5th + one semifinalist)
JrB 2x (Finals:4th + one semifinalist)
JrB 4x (Finals:4th)

2009 Results

St. Catharines
Junior 4x (GOLD)
Junior 2x (Finals:2nd & 3rd)
Oak Ridge
Junior B1x (GOLD)
Junior 4x (SILVER)

2008 Results

Cooper River
Junior 2x (BRONZE)